Uncorking Your Creativity!

With the advent of the holidays in such proximity, we are all contemplating innovative gift ideas.  Why not unleash your creative juices on a unique approach to sewing, utilizing the versatile, durable, flexible and lightweight Cork Fabric?  Cork provides a fresh approach to mundane projects.

Cork Fabric is ideal for  so many reasons.  One can cut it, sew it, and wash it with ease.  No special needles are required and it can be sewn with a standard sewing machine.  It is hypoallergenic, water resistant, stain resistant, mold resistant, immune to micro-organisms (i.e. mites), dust, dirt and grease repellent, eco-friendly, and as durable as leather.  In addition, it does not rip or pull apart easily and can be cleaned with a damp, warm towel.

The cork may be dyed with regular fabric dye, as well as printed on and embroidered on.  Furthermore, as in the picture above of the green memo pad cover, the fabric can be cut using a Scan N’ Cut machine.  It can also be stamped on , after creating a stamp on the Scan N’ Cut – as in the picture above.  The fabric does not crack.

For the fashionistas, the cork fabric is currently trending.  The fabric is superb for adding accents or straps to bags and wallets.  It is perfect for tablet sleeves, notebook covers, cardholders, laptop cases, shoes, and phone cases.  Furthermore, cork fabric is excellent for gifts, particularly for men.  It is ideal for watch wristbands, belts, pouches, storage containers, journal/book covers, basket containers and trays, placemats, ornaments, upholstery, bookmarks, labels, bulletin boards, box linings…virtually anything.

As New York Times writer Kate Singleton states, “the appeal of cork…is the marriage of aesthetics and performance.”  The new year brings in fresh and new perspectives…why not try something new?  Cork fabric is the perfect contemporary twist to our favorite patterns.

Sewingly Yours,


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