Why is Good Thread So Important?

According to Carol Laflin Ahles in the article “Thread Essentials,” “aside from fabric, thread is perhaps the most essential component of sewing…”  She urges sewers to “always check its [the threads’] quality; inferior threads can leave a residue in your machine or clog it with lint.”

How many of you have taken your machine in to be serviced, only to be told that you are utilizing inferior quality threads?  Not only here at AAA Sewing & Fabric, but reputable dealers and technicians worldwide undoubtedly proclaim that we should use the Mettler brand of thread.  This is because Mettler will not be exceedingly linty, unlike the lesser quality brands such as those mentioned above.  These will invariably damage the tension disks as well as other components of your machines. The thread will then break easily, thus eventually making it difficult to maintain an even tension as you sew.  There will also be a vast disparity in the appearance of the stitches on the fabric, and thus your project.  Over time, the substandard thread will ravage your machine and perhaps coerce you to bring it in to be serviced well before it is time.  Furthermore, poor quality thread will result in weak seams and loose stitches.

Lint is the eternal enemy for almost any machine, (not just sewing machines and sergers).  Think, for example, of a dryer.  Lint is visible around the feed dogs of your sewing machines, the bobbin cases, and above the needles.  But there is also lint that accumulates in areas not visible to your eyes, deep inside the crevices and parts of your machines that affect its performance.  Selecting a high quality thread for your machines will reduce lint drastically, and with regular servicing, your machine will perform with increased effectiveness.  Lint will also absorb any oils, which will cause unnecessary wear on your machine, as well as other issues.

To conclude, you get what you pay for.  If you invest in excellent quality thread, you will likewise achieve excellent quality results and will have a more enjoyable sewing experience.  Similarly, poor quality thread renders poor results.  Thread is merely a small fraction of the cost of your project, but is vital to the construction and seams.  You may ask yourself, “is it really worth it?”

Sewingly Yours,


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