New Year’s Resolution – Getting Your Sewing Room Organized!

During my experience here at AAA Sewing & Fabric, I am constantly asked by customers, who express that their sewing rooms are in states of chaos and clutter, how to organize them.  Many of these customers sew for pleasure, but also for revenue.  In these cases in particular, and for everyone, it is imperative that they be organized and systematized in order to possess a functional and enjoyable working environment.  This will thus cultivate the peace of mind and tranquility to foster their creativity.

In any typical sewing room or space, there are three main components:  furniture, storage compartments, and the items which require storage.  The furniture utilized in your sewing rooms may drastically affect one’s space and can render its appearance either organized and neat, or cluttered and congested.  Furniture includes cabinets, chairs, cutting and ironing tables, artistic presses, desks, tables, shelves, etc. – these items which contribute to the productivity of your sewing spaces immensely.  Sewing tables and cabinets are specifically designed for sewists and can be custom made per his/her wishes.  There are electric (air lift) cabinets or manual lift cabinets.  There are ones that have sections that fold away when not in use, folding tables (that are totally collapsible) and cabinets that can be utilized for multiple different machines.  Notions trays are available for each drawer in one’s cabinet.  Even chairs are available with storage compartments for maximization of space.

Storage of items in a consistent manner in clear drawers that pullout or stackable, transparent boxes and bins are a fantastic solution to maintaining a tidy, organized sewing area.  When we utilize smart storage, we are able to maximize every inch of accessible space.  For example, thread may be sorted in boxes specifically designed for them.  Stackable caddies may be utilized for projects that are ongoing.  There are even clear, hanging organizers that conserve space because they can be hung, rather than stacked.  In addition, one can make and use wall buckets for storing items, thus futher conserving space.  I have seen ironing boards attached to the tops of shelves (in which items are stored), and have discerned, as well, that folding your fabrics in certain ways will ameliorate your ability to store large amounts of them.  It is absolutely crucial, in my opinion, to label each container in a concise manner, especially with certain items, such as machine feet.  They may be placed in containers with dividers and lids, so that they are in one specific place, rather than everywhere.

The staff at AAA Sewing and Fabric are always available to assist you in organizing your sewing areas.  We have sewing cabinets, tables, chairs and storage containers for all your sewing needs.  Let us help you to start the New Year right!

Sewingly Yours,


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