Bernina Academy 2018

A description of this event.

Thank you to all those who graduated from Bernina Academy with Bernina Instructor Sandra Swick!  (Please see the picture on our Facebook page – AAA Sewing and Fabric.)  Everyone contributed greatly to making the event an immense success!  We learned the correct tricks and techniques for masterfully sewing on such challenging fabrics as leather, fur, chiffon, cork, knit, vinyl, oilcloth, organza, tulle, double gauze, denim, burlap, spandex, velvet, terry cloth, minkee, and more.  Sandra was extremely knowledgeable, and the sewists were all able to learn new techniques for sewing, despite their varying levels of experience.  The quality of the fabric kits were exceptional, as well as that of the workbooks.  The books are well organized and the instructions are clear and concise.  All materials were provided to the students; the presentation and bonus projects were included as well as a collectible Bernina USB stick that contained a lot of bonus content.

Furthermore, the instructor led the students on a journey through which we explored the various feet and features of the Bernina B790 machines, and the newest machines – the B590.  These machines make sewing on the challenging fabrics a breeze!

The event was an abundant source of information for all levels of sewists, and all different machine owners, not just Bernina owners.  There were numerous raffle drawings and prizes awarded to the students, and lunch and snacks were provided on both days.  Special discounts were given on Bernina merchandise, feet and accessories, as well as machines.  After the event, students expressed that they now “fear no fabric!”  All of the students left with a completed reference book on sewing techniques that they may refer to in the future.

Currently, we are offering the 1st Annual AAA Sewing Academy, which will be held on May 16th, from 10 am to 1 pm.  This is designed for people that would like to learn how to sew.  We will continue our exploration of modern fabrics and teach you techniques to help you take the fear out of sewing!  The fee of $20 includes use of our machines and fabric kits.  Please visit our store if you are interested in this beginning sewing event.

Thank you to Sandra Swick and thank you again to all those who attended, as well as all of the AAA Sewing & Fabric staff!  We look forward to hosting many more events in the future – please refer to our website, or come to the store to inquire about new events and opportunities for learning and enjoyment!

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