Why Should Children Sew & Embroider?

Today a customer left me with a thought that “sewing is therapeutic.”  When she leaves the hospital time after time, she returns home to her “true therapy,” which is sewing and embroidery.  With such healing, calming, relieving and relaxing effects on the physical body and mind, why not nurture these skills from childhood, so that we may derive all the beneficial effects of sewing and embroidery from a young age?

The art of sewing and embroidery are particularly beneficial for children.  Both skills require copious amounts of focus and concentration.  In addition, children gain the opportunity of acquiring problem-solving skills, hand/eye coordination, manual dexterity and fine motor skills.  They learn about color theory, design and planning, originality, money management, and work ethic as well.  Sewing and embroidery develops childrens’ perseverance, self-control (in the operation of a sewing machine), patience, and discipline in a world of instant gratification.  It imparts a profound respect for personal property and for the effort of the production of property.  Children will learn to appreciate the time and labor of constructing items and will become savvy in managing their time wisely.

Furthermore, sewing and embroidery will foster childrens’ creativity and ingenuity in a positive manner, and allow them to express their individuality through the conceptualization and creation of objects which are physical manifestations of their imaginations and abstract ideas.  This will challenge their left-brain thinking, but also engage children in the ability to follow instructions by navigating through a pattern, and cutting, and constructing a completed product.  Studies have consistently substantiated that children who can focus, are more likely to possess a higher degree of self-control, which directly impacts their future success.  They achieve a sense of accomplishment in the completion of a finished product, thus amplifying their self-esteem and confidence.  Children utilize mathematical knowledge, also when executing measurements, using fractions, calculating perimeters and areas of objects and shapes.

In this modern technological era, where people communicate via electronic devices and seldom is anything personal anymore, why not indulge our creative souls and make something personal, with our own hands, for ourselves or for someone else?  And the common thread between sewists of all ages is that, in doing so, we are honoring and upholding the centuries’ old tradition and legacy of our ancestors and predecessors.

AAA Sewing & Fabric is elated to announce our Youth Summer Sewing Camp.  There will be two upcoming sessions:

                     SESSION 1:  JULY 16th – 18th &                                                           SESSION 2:  AUGUST 13th – 17th

Please visit the store or call us at (310) 257-1744 to inquire more information about the Kids’ Camp.


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