Bernina University 2016

As many of you know, I was fortunate enough to attend Bernina University about a week ago.  This is Bernina’s annual conference  for retail dealers and where new, innovative products are unveiled.

This year, I was extremely impressed with the new Bernina Embroidery Software Designer Plus Version 8.  There are a number of enhancements, including a knife cutting feature for splitting designs.  This is perfect for monogramming!  Furthermore, Bernina has now added a Color Photo Stitch.  This element allows you to take a cherished picture of your family member or pet, for example, and convert it to embroidery with 1 or 2 clicks!  There are new stitches and new effects as well that are included in the Version 8 software, i.e., “sculptured run,”zig zag outline,” and “3D globe.”  Bernina has created a new design management for effortless viewing of your embroidery designs, as well as easy installation  of the software via USB.

The excitement continues with the introduction of Bernina’s Special Edition, Limited Edition B765.  This is a revolutionary machine because it is totally customizable.  It is extremely versatile for various functions including fashion, quilting or embroidery.  It is equipped with a stunning and elegant Rose Gold Faceplate, a large throat area and built-in walking foot for the quilters.  The B765 is a machine that has the ability to grow with you.  As your talents expand, you can add embroidery capabilities to the B765.

The B765 is not the only new superstar in the Bernina lineup!  The new B700 is an embroidery machine with Top of the Line features.  The B700 possesses a large embroidery area and new Pinpoint Placement feature, which makes accurate design positioning super easy.

The conference, which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana this year was incredibly fun.  I highly recommend the beignets, a deep fried pastry, which I tried for the first time as I soaked up the rich culture of New Orleans.

AAA Sewing and Fabric will be offering the new machines and software from Bernina, so be sure to stop by and inquire or secure your own!

Sewingly Yours,






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